Cider Range

Dry Cider

This medium bodied cider has a short-lived full sparkle, with estery and cidery aromas. The cider gives way to hay/straw flavours with a slight smokey finish, which gently warms the back of your throat. The taste has a medium length with somewhat acidic finish.

ABV 5%

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Medium Dry Cider

A complex fruity taste with a warm, refreshing honey flavour and a short light sparkle. It has a natural nectar sweetness married with a long sharp finish towards the end. This cider is on sweet side of dry and is medium bodied, with a trace of cider apple smokiness.

ABV 5%


Summer Medium Cider

This medium bodied sweet tasting cider has a bright clarity, amber appearance and light consistency. A scent of pear drops and floral aromas, having an intricate taste of fresh dessert apples, honey and vanilla, with a medium-lived sparkle.

ABV 5%


Elderflower Cider

We take freshly pick elderflower and infused them with our cider to make a cider that is refreshingly light with a delicate floral essence. A medium a bodied cider boasts a delightfully summery pear drop and floral aromas, with a hint of caramel.

It’s deep amber colour is amplified with a medium, short-lived carbonation. The tempting pear flavours give way to mild butterscotch taste, followed by a trace of bittersweet apples towards the end.

ABV 5%

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