Art of Cider

 In the autumn at harvest time the best quality hand picked apple are selected.

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The apples are sorted, washed, milled and pressed into Juice.

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Yeast is then added to the juice and fermentation begins. Depending on the temperature it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks

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After fermentation the cider is racked off into storage tanks and matured for six months.image (2)A

Before bottling the cider from different apples are blended together to give balanced flavor.

Our cider is made from a blend of apples, cooking , eating and cider apples are used each fermented individually.

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Once the blending is done the cider is filtered, carbonated, bottled, pasturised and labelled, ready to be enjoyed

Our cider is vegan friendly and gluten free, made with no artificial colouring’s or flavourings