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Scotts Irish Cider Brand

Scotts Irish Cider is an artisan handcrafted Irish cider made in County Cavan by the Scott family.

Jonathan Scott, who is the master cider maker, is passionate about artisan cider. He decided to set-up an independent cidery to produce a truly artisan product with an authentic cider taste, after studying cider making in the cider academy in Gloucester.

Scotts Irish Cider is a delicious and beautifully blended cider with a crisp and refreshing apple taste. This sophisticated cider is handcrafted to ensure its superiority and opulence. A great alternative to wine with poultry, seafood, pork and mild cheese or to drink on its own. It is a natural product made from Irish grown apples.

Jonathan Scott

Discover Our Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free Products, Crafted with Irish Apples

Winter Spiced Cider
Made with Irish Apples

Supreme Quality

Our commitment to excellence begins with our choice of ingredients: we exclusively source 100% Irish apples, carefully selected and freshly pressed to ensure the highest quality in our products.

Crafting Extraordinary Cider, Always Vegan-Friendly and Gluten-Free!